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Life’s an adventure. It brings about highs and lows.

Those of us at Fully Equipt, like many of our course participants, know this all too well. To get through it, we’ve fought (and continue to fight) to better ourselves for our personal benefit, as well as the benefit of others – our families, friends, co-workers, clients, students, etc.

Using continuous feedback, personal education, and trial and error, we’ve developed our own methodology; our way to educate, test and encourage both personal and interpersonal development.


Why do you need it?

Most of what we encounter in our personal, professional, academic, competitive, or even emotional life is thrust upon us quickly. Sure, we try to be proactive. We try to plan. But the fact remains – many times things happen to us. We, therefore, need to respond. At Fully Equipt, we believe how you respond makes all the difference.

The Ballistic, Urgent, Response, Survival, Training method.

B.U.R.S.T. is a systematic combination of high intensity physical fitness and mental strength training over a short duration using exercises and drills that require inner focus. This specialized training format increases all areas of physical and mental fitness and improves memory retention, focus, and attention to detail enabling you to calm your mind while chaos surrounds you.

How do we present it?

Fully Equipt provides seminars of various lengths in different settings.

2-Hour General Seminar: The 2-hour seminar is often used to introduce our methods and concepts to the participants. Using what we term “Evolutions” we direct you through various physical and mental challenges focused on Mental Strength, Attention to Detail and Team Building.

2-Hour Topic-Specific Seminar: Either building onto an initial 2-hour seminar, or beginning with a topic based on your request, we present Evolutions that convey topic-specific content while addressing Mental Strength, Attention to Detail and Team Building.

8-Hour Training Seminar: Geared towards a day-long training program, our 8-hour seminar combines the general and topic-specific programming throughout the day. Due to the extended time, this seminar allows for greater challenges, achievements and reflection.

Camp: Whether high-school aged or beyond, we’ve developed a week-long camp program that introduces our seminar content on a daily basis. While the 8-hour program is a great way to challenge yourself, your team, group or organization in one day, try compounding it 5 times! There’s truly nothing like it!

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