Ballistic Urgent Response Survival Training

Fully Equipt’s BURST methodology combines high-intensity, low-impact activities in a fitness and mental strength program designed to specifically enhance the ability of groups and organizations. It’s aim? Improve performance. Increase morale. Build better teams. Teach teamwork. Increase attention to detail. Improve mental toughness and the ability to calm your mind in stressful situations. Overall, this type of training increases the ability to make sound, meaningful decisions even when chaos surrounds you.

This BURST is specific to your college, university, academic, professional or non-profit group or organization.

Based on the needs and desires of the group or organization, we provide training that’s focused. Efficient. That strengthens you to deal with the ballistic nature of life – in and out of the business, charitable or academic environment. That addresses the urgency for proper evaluation and assessment. That helps you respond appropriately, in a specific manner to survive the situation. Not training you’ll never use. After all, why train for a marathon when all you deal with are a series of sprints?

Who does our Group & Organization Program Help?

Academic groups and organizations. College groups and organizations. University groups and organizations. For-Profit Companies and Businesses. Not-for-Profit or Non-Profit Companies and Businesses. Professionals. Corporate and professional teams. Employees. Volunteers. Administrators. Directors. Officers. Executives.

What are the Key Areas Affected by Our Programs

Mental Strength. Assessment Skills. Listening and Processing Directions. Delivering Directions. Attention to Detail. Problem Solving. Team Building. Leadership Development. Leadership Skill Improvement. Management Skills. Team Bonding. Organizational Communication.

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